Space World VR

for Google Cardboard / Gear VR

Take a trip to planets in the solar system and earth.

This contents is produced for a user to appreciate as if he were swimming in the universe. Observe planets in the solar system freely. You can move from a planet to a planet in a moment and observe them in details.

When you see planets, you can see the names of the planets. Observe the names and shapes of planets. We reproduce spacesuits that actual astronaut wear and display information of planets. Become an astronaut and make observation and control.

In the contents, you can move to where you want with screen marker without manipulation of keyboard, mouse or joy stick. When you stare the control button on the left and right arm part of the spacesuit and make gauge full, you can have the same effect as pressing a button.

Help function is provided before starting VR mode. As it is explained in details so that you will not feel difficulties, learn it by heart and start your trip.

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