Jungle DINO VR

for Oculus Rift DK2 over

It delivers great emotion beyond your imagination with excellent graphic and divers dinosaur events.

The contents can be used over Oclus Rift DK2 (Full HD). You can observe 9 kinds of dinosaurs in details and various events stimulating your five senses such as giant snakes and spiders will make you more excited. When you see Tyrannosaur roaring in fr

You can see vivid dinosaurs with high resolution works beyond Full HD. Gentle animation that you can feel in experiential contents will present you joy that you have not imagined in other games.

As it has 4 theme sections and two jungle loads, you can have various experiences. Especially, if you use VR experiential devices (Virtuix OMNI and Thriller-X), you can have more realistic dinosaur world.

When you pass Yellow sign, the progress is paused and you can experience various events. Feel the best of experiential contents.

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