Sea World VR2

for Google Cardboard / Gear VR

You can freely appreciate fish and animals inhabited in the west coast of Korea.

The contents allow you to appreciate swimming in the sea. As total 17 kinds of fish appear and 7 kinds of fishes and animals can be observed in details in separate scenes, it has educational value, too. Check what kinds of fishes and animals live in

It supports 3D mode so that users without VR goggle can enjoy. It also supports VR goggle mode so that you can experience under the sea more realistically. If you feel VR goggle not comfortable or feel difficult to use, you can use 3D Mode and if you have a VR goggle, you can appreciate it with goggle with absolute immersion. You can see an interesting world.

In the contents, you can move to where you want with screen marker without manipulation of keyboard, mouse or joy stick. With staring the bottom and webbed feet, you can manipulate forward and stop. Try to swim under the sea.

Do you know if there are fishes and animals living in the west coast of Korea? Check them now. We invite you to interesting world where sea lions and blue crabs are playing.

Those who purchase the contents, press Download button at the bottom and get detailed educational materials regarding fishes and marine animals.  It will help you to study.
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