Neuro treatment VR

for Oculus Rift DK2 over

It is a program utilizing virtual reality that can be used for assisted therapy for mental disorders and phobias.

For mental diseases such as acrophobia, entomophobia, claustrophobia and anthropophobia, psychological therapy can be added to drug treatment. In particular many new psychological disorders such as mental disorder and anger-control disorders caused by s

Entomophobia VR Screen

Acrophobia VR Screen 1

Acrophobia VR Screen 2

As the program is made under the control of medical professionals and managers,  it is composed of a separate management program and VR contents. You can use a management program loaded on your smart phone or tap to control VR contents remotely.

Therefore, VR contents cannot operate alone. It checks the status of user (patient) every day and records all the progresses under the control of the administrator. This product is sold separately.

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