Sky Insects buddy

for Android / iOS

3D Interactive contents

It is an interactive type contents where you can observe and learn life cycles of 5 kinds of insects such as bees, drosophilas, butterflies, cicadas and dragonflies. It has a story. It has a story. You can observe them by expanding and contracting them

A life cycle of 5 popular flying insects... You can observe them from birth to death and you can even move them. It can be used by kindergarten children to middle school students.

In the observation mode, you can expand or contract insects using multi-touch functions for detailed observation and rotate them with finger drag. You may appreciate various interesting events by touching one of animations.

You can learn insects’ inhabitation environments by country and make a great illustrated guide by downloading various high resolution pictures of insects.

It supports Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese and narration is recorded in those 4 languages.

You can download high resolution illustrated guide of insects of each country by pressing download button below. The printed illustrated guide can be used for non-commercial and educational purpose only.
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