Slime Pang

for Android

Be a hero and remove slime corps invading the world of the spirits.

Press your finger on the slime corps. Fetch units when difficulty level goes up. It is a light snack time defense game that you can enjoy in a bus or subway.

Press the same colored slime objects with your finger. Burst the slime objects whose color is changing randomly with time as you solve a puzzle not to lose a gem.

The country of 4 peaceful areas... You can restore the peace in the country. Protect the gem in 80 stages in 4 regions such as forest, sea shores, deserts and ice lands. Then you will be a hero.

-Shop- You can purchase units from the shop. You can purchase diverse and strong spirits protecting the world of the spirits according to your points. Defense the world of the spirits from slime objects with spirits with diverse capabilities.

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